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An example of a bounded loop is the
a) while
b) for
c) repeat
d) do

An example of an unbounded loop is the
a) for
b) If then else
c) switch
d) do

Which loop tests the condition before executing any statements ?
a) do
b) while
c) for
d) repeat

The variable declaration for a file pointer is
a) file*fp;
b) FILE*fp
c) file*fp
d) FILE*fp;

Which closes a file?
a) fclose(fp);
b) close(fp);
c) Fclose(fp);
d) Close(fp);

Which statement checks for the end of a file?
a) Feof(fp);
b) eof(fp);
c) feof(fp);
d) Eof(fp);

The value assigned to the file pointer when there is an error in reading a file is
a) null
c) 0
d) -1

Which loop may be terminated by a sentinel value?
a) while
b) for
c) switch
d) if then

The first part of the fopen statement is the
a) mode
b) data type
c) size of the file
d) filename

The statement to read data from a file is
a) scanf()
b) fscanf()
c) fscan()
d) read()

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