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Balancing chemical reactions is based on what law?
a) Law of Definite Proportions
b) Law of Balancing
c) Law of Multiple Proportions
d) Law of Conservation of Mass.

A reaction where two or more substances react to form a single substance is called a :
a) synthesis reaction
b) single replacement reaction.
c) double replacement reaction.
d) combustion reaction.

The equation 2C3H7OH (g) + 9O2 (g)--------) 6CO2(g) + 8H2Ois an example of a
a) combination reaction.
b) combustion reaction.
c) double replacement reaction.
d) single replacement reaction.

A catalyst is:
a) a solid product of a reaction.
b) one of the reactants in a single replacement reaction.
c) the product of a combustion reaction.
d) not used up in a reaction.

In a double replacement reaction:
a) one of the products is always a gas.
b) one of the products must be an element.
c) metals(positive ions) are exchanged between two compounds.
d) energy in the form of heat or light is always produced.

Based on the activity series, the reaction that is most likely to occur from the following is
a) Cu(s) + HCl (aq) ---------)
b) Zn(s) + HNO3 (aq) ---------)
c) Ni(s) + Ba(NO3)2 (aq) ---------)
d) Pb(s) + Na2SO4 (aq) ---------)

Double Replacement reactions are generally driven by the formation of
a) a precipitate
b) water
c) a gas
d) all of the three.

Water is often a product in:
a) combination reactions
b) decomposition reactions
c) single-replacement reactions
d) combustion reactions

In the chemical equation H2O2(aq) -------- ) H20(l) + O2(g) , H2O2 is the
a) reactant
b) spectator ion
c) product
d) catalyst

A substance that speeds up a reaction without being used up is called a
a) spectator ion
b) product
c) reactant
d) catalyst

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