Fashion Merchandising 4.02 Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 16327)

Fashion Merchandising 4.02 Part 2.[print questions]

Short people should avoid which type of line?
a) Curved B. Diagonal C. Horizontal D. Vertical
b) diagonal
c) horizontal
d) vertical

Which element of design is created by repetition, radiation, and alternation?
a) Balance
b) emphasis
c) proportion
d) rhythm

To create the illusion of warmth, which colors should be selected?
a) Blue, green, and violet
b) Red, orange, and yellow
c) Red, white, and blue
d) White, black, and gray

The Rohleders remodeled their living room, making it more formal. They used gold and yellow tones to create this new look. Which color scheme did they use?
a) Accented neutral
b) Analogous
c) Complementary
d) Monochromatic

Jenn decides to wear a short jacket with her long skirt. Which principle of design is illustrated?
a) emphasis
b) proportion
c) rhythm
d) texture

Which are the primary colors?
a) Blue, green, and violet
b) Green, red, and orange
c) Orange, green, and purple
d) Yellow, blue, and red

Adding white to a color creates a:
a) neutral
b) shade
c) tint
d) triadic color

Which would enhance the appearance of a short, heavy person?
a) Bold prints and plaids
b) horizontal lines
c) vertical lines
d) wide belts

A customer who does not like attention should wear:
a) Bright colors.
b) Busy prints.
c) Earth tones
d) Shiny textures.

Marcia is updating her den by painting the walls yellow and purchasing red-violet and blue-violet furniture and accessories. Which color scheme is she using?
a) Accented neutral
b) Monochromatic
c) Split-complementary
d) triad

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