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A disturbance tha transfers energy from place to place is called a ___________.
a) medium
b) compression
c) seismic
d) wave

What do all waves carry along with them as they travel?
a) light
b) matter (the medium)
c) energy
d) frequency

Waves that require a medium to travel through are called ____ waves.
a) electromagnetic
b) mechanical
c) sound
d) amplitude

The material through which mechanical waves travel is called a ______.
a) medium
b) rarefaction
c) amplitude
d) vibration

Waves that do not require a medium to travel through are called _____ waves.
a) energy
b) seismic
c) electromagnetic
d) water

Which of the following materials can be a medium for waves to travel through?
a) solids only
b) liquids only
c) gases only
d) solids, liquids, and gases

A measure of the amount of energy a wave has is the ____ of the wave.
a) frequency
b) amplitude
c) wavelength
d) volume

Frequency is measured in units called ____.
a) hertz
b) meters per second
c) seconds
d) cubic meters

The distance between two corresponding parts of a wave, such as from a crest to the next crest, is the wave's ____.
a) height
b) frequency
c) wavelength
d) density

The number of complete waves that pass a given point in a certain amount of time is wave ____.
a) frequency
b) wavelength
c) volume
d) amplitude

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