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Structures that have different mature forms but develop from similar embryonic tissue are
a) vestigial organs
b) adaptations
c) homologous structures
d) fossils

Species alive today descended with ______________ from ancestral species from the past.
a) adaptation
b) modification
c) acquired characteristics
d) common ancestor

More organisms are produced than can survive so they must __________ for resources such as food.
a) share
b) descend
c) adapt
d) compete

Diverse species evolved from a ______________ _____________.
a) heritable trait.
b) Charles Darwin
c) common ancestor
d) evolutionary theory

Living things on Earth have been evolving for ___________ of years.
a) lots
b) hundreds
c) thousands
d) millions

Which is an example of behavioral isolation?
a) different courtship dances among two populations of cranes
b) lizard populations living on separated islands
c) two populations of deer living on opposite sides of a glacier
d) two populations of flowers pollinating at different times of year

All the genes in a particular population make up its
a) niche
b) gene pool
c) phenotype
d) population

All the members of a species living in a particular area make up a (an)
a) ecosystem
b) community
c) population
d) biosphere

Traits controlled by more than one gene, such as human height, are known as
a) single-gene traits
b) polygenic traits
c) recessive traits
d) dominant traits

The evolution of Darwin's finches is an excellent example of
a) speciation
b) equilibrium
c) population
d) gene pool

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