Midterm 1 Question Preview (ID: 163)

Life Science 7th Grade 1 9 Week Review. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Mason made an educated guess about what would happen during the carrot lab. What is another term for this?
a) variable
b) hypothesis
c) inference
d) observation

Brice is working in the lab and asked the teacher for goggles. What was he working with in order to request these?
a) chemicals
b) fire
c) rocks and minerals
d) both chemicals and fire

If Shivani wants to find the mass of a small metal cylinder, what item does she need to use in lab:
a) graduated cylinder
b) Florence flask
c) triple beam balance
d) meter stick

Jake has blonde hair. This trait is an example of his:
a) phenotype
b) genotype
c) karyotype
d) cellular structure

If Sam's horse is dominant for brown fur, having the genes Bb... this is an example of the animal's
a) phenotype
b) cellular structure
c) karyotype
d) genotype

Katie wanted to know "what is the total of all chemical reactions in an organism" Melissa told her the answer is:
a) metabolism
b) heredity
c) genes
d) osmosis

Jalen was studying a scientific statement about how things happen in nature that seem to be true at all times, what is she studying?
a) theory
b) law
c) variable
d) constant

Markus wants to know what the new cell that forms is called when a sperm and egg join:
a) zygote
b) blastula
c) embryo
d) sporangium

Chris wants to know what the process is called when a sperm joins an egg?
a) mitosis
b) fertilization
c) meiosis
d) blastolysis

Yuli and Janice are lab partners. Janice tells Yuli they need to find the volume of a liquid. What instrument do they need?
a) triple beam balance
b) meter stick
c) Florence flask
d) graduated cylinder

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