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a special type of diffusion
a) nucleus
b) lysosome
c) osmosis
d) vacuole

breaks down old cell particles
a) lysosome
b) nucleus
c) facebook
d) cell wall

cells that have membrane space
a) vacuole
b) nucleus
c) lysosome
d) osmosis

high to low
a) passive transport
b) active transport
c) nucleus
d) lysosome

movement of materials
a) malik metcalf
b) cell wall
c) diffusion
d) nucleus

low to high
a) nucleus
b) lysosome
c) active transport
d) passive transport

the part that controls the cell
a) fake drake
b) 2 chainz
c) wiz khalifa
d) nucleus

a gelatin like material that fills the cell
a) jordan kills in water
b) facebook
c) cytoplasm
d) membrane

a) a cells body part
b) fart
c) arm
d) poop

a tool scientist use
a) facebook
b) microscope
c) twitter
d) kobe bryant

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