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How did Lake Michigan help Chicago grow?
a) the city grew because of the fur trade on the lake
b) it was a great place for farming
c) people like to visit there to see the green water on St. Patrick's Day
d) People built a bridge over the water.

What is an intermediate direction?
a) North
b) Eastnorth
c) Northeast
d) West

Where is the Sear's Tower located?
a) Chicago
b) El Paso
c) Bridgewater
d) Levittown

In what community would you most likely know everyone
a) rural
b) suburban
c) urban
d) city

What is Chicago's nickname?
a) windy city
b) island trees
c) Levittown
d) the el

The number of people who live in an area
a) population
b) transportation
c) urban
d) city

Why did Abraham Levitt build his community?
a) to make people feel safe and comfortable
b) to locate it on Long Island
c) so he could call it Island Trees
d) to grow potatoes

What form of transportation to many people use in Chicago?
a) buses or the el
b) horses or camels
c) boats on Lake Michigan
d) they visit the art museum

What are some fun things to do in Bridgewater, VA?
a) go to scout and baseball games
b) ride the train into New York City
c) visit museums
d) visit the Sear's Tower

Where are rural communities located?
a) in the countryside
b) by the water
c) in a desert
d) near large cities

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