Social Studies Chapter 2 Question Preview (ID: 16293)

Kinds Of Communities.

What can you do in Chicago that you can't to in Bridgwater?
a) visit the Art Institute
b) attend 4-H meetings
c) go to scouts
d) help others in your community

How is Chicago different from Levittown?
a) Chicago is an important center of population and business activity.W
b) People in Chicago may drive cars to work.
c) Chicago is a great place to live.
d) There are homes, parks and places of worship in Chicago

Which of the following is not true of Chicago?
a) You can celebrate the Summer Lawn Party there.
b) The El is the elevated train that runs through Chicago.
c) Chicago has large department stores, banks and office buildings.
d) Chicago is in the midwest part of the United States.

How is an urban community similar to a rural community?
a) They both have fun things to do.
b) Both have similar amounts of people.
c) Both have similar types of buildings.
d) Both have similar amounts of land.

How did Abraham Levitt build a suburb?
a) He used his potatoe farming land to build houses, schools and parks.
b) He changed the name to Island Trees.
c) He left his farming community to move to New York City.
d) He grew more food for more people.

Why do people form communities?
a) They want to live and work where they are safe and comfortable.
b) They like to grow potatoes.
c) They want to ride a train to the city.
d) They like to listen to concerts.

How is a suburban community different from a rural community?
a) Suburban communities are near large cities.
b) Suburban communities have homes.
c) Suburban communities have stores.
d) Suburban communities have fun things to do.

What are some fun things to do in Bridgewater, VA?
a) go to scouts and 4-H clubs
b) go to the beach
c) visit museums
d) ski down mountains

What are rural communities usually surrounded by?
a) open lands and fields
b) many houses
c) deserts and mountains
d) water

How would you describe a rural community?
a) The towns are smalll and far apart.
b) The towns are very big.
c) The towns have many people livng in them.
d) There are no towns in rural communities.

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