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couldn't tell the answer
a) ambiguous
b) luminous
c) subterranean
d) promoted

keep from moving
a) immoblile
b) luminous
c) ambitious
d) magnified

floor of the ocean
a) submarine
b) ex-marine
c) subsoil
d) mobile

a) dried up
b) floppy
c) tough
d) folded up

a) strike a bargain
b) try to control
c) discuss and issue
d) continue to argue

a) samples
b) illustrations
c) patterns
d) portions

a) stern and strict
b) cool and objective
c) kind and sympathetic
d) concerned and involved

a) decay
b) erosion
c) growth
d) production

cadles _____ the darkened house
a) illuminate
b) mobilize
c) remove
d) substitute

a position with lower pay and less responsiblity
a) demoted
b) promoted
c) motivated
d) unmoved

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