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Who did not influence Darwin?
a) Gregor Mendel
b) Thomas Malthus
c) James Hutton
d) Charles Lyell

An inherited characteristic that increases an organism's chance of survival is a (an)
a) dominant trait
b) vestigial organ
c) adaptation
d) evolution

A farmer's use of the best livestock for breeding is an example of
a) natural selection
b) artificial selection
c) common descent
d) extinction

The bones of the front limb of birds, dogs, and dolphins are examples of
a) embryological similarities
b) artificial selection of traits
c) homologous body structures
d) innate tendency toward perfection

The ability of an organism to survive and reproduce in its environment is
a) artificial selection
b) natural selection
c) selective use
d) fitness

Which is not part of Darwin's theory of evolution?
a) struggle for existence
b) inheritance of acquired traits
c) descent with modification
d) survival of the fittest

Who observed variation in the characteristics of animals and plants on the different islands of the Galapagos?
a) Hutton
b) Lyell
c) Lamarck
d) Darwin

In addition to living organisms, Darwin studied the preserved remains of ancient organisms called
a) fossils
b) adaptations
c) homologous structures
d) vestigial organs

Which idea propsed by Lamarck was later found to be incorrect?
a) Acquired characteristics can be inherited.
b) All species descended from other species.
c) Living things can change over time.
d) Organisms are adapted to their environments.

Fitness is a result of
a) adaptations
b) homologies
c) common descent
d) variation

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