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The largest pieces of land are called
a) islands
b) continents
c) oceans
d) mountains

What do we call a human-made object that is studied by archaeologists?
a) fossils
b) customs
c) traditions
d) artifacts

What do we call a flat representation of the earth's surface?
a) map
b) globe
c) glossary
d) atlas

Unwritten verbal accounts of historical events are known as
a) interviews
b) oral history
c) journal entries

Which of the following is a primary source?
a) painting of 9/11
b) interview with a victim's family member from 9/11
c) interview with a survivor from 9/11
d) song written about 9/11

Weather conditions in one place over a LONG period of time
a) precipitation
b) weather
c) climate
d) seasons

The map key (explaining symbols on a map) is called a
a) guide
b) system
c) legend
d) dictionary

Some of the first animals to be domesticated included
a) cats
b) horses
c) fish
d) pigs

A surplus will give you
a) exactly what you need
b) more than you need
c) less than you need
d) nothing

Hunter-gatherers used to
a) gather wild plants for food
b) plant crops
c) stay in one place
d) domesticate animals

Early humans did NOT use this tool
a) drills
b) awls
c) axe
d) harpoon

Holy people visitied this building frequently
a) school
b) town hall
c) farmhouse
d) shrines

Artisans did what?
a) several different jobs
b) farmed
c) specialize at one skill
d) were only blacksmiths

Early farming communities were set up near
a) oceans
b) pools
c) rivers
d) mountains

If you were a nomad, what did you do a lot?
a) move
b) farm
c) sleep
d) jump

The earliest forms of technology include
a) tools
b) computers
c) cellphones
d) sign language

Complex villages developed a form of
a) education
b) government
c) dancing
d) hunting

Social classes group people according to their backgrounds, training, and _____.
a) hair color
b) education level
c) income ($)
d) favorite foods

Ways of creating order and leadership is
a) social class
b) government
c) education
d) careers

When you practice and excel at ONE skill or job, it is called...
a) religion
b) farming
c) irrigating
d) specialization

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