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The grinding and wearing away of rock surfaces through the mechanical action of other rock or sand particles
a) abrasion
b) oxidation
c) acid precipitation
d) chemical weathering

Rain, sleet, or snow that contains a high concentration of acids
a) mechanical weathering
b) oxidation
c) acid precipitation
d) abrasion

The process by which rocks break down as a result of chemical reactions
a) oxidation
b) chemical weathering
c) weathering
d) mechanical weathering

tThe breakdown of rock into smaller pieces by physical means
a) oxidation
b) acid precipitation
c) mechanical weathering
d) chemical weathering

A chemical reaction in which an element, such as iron, combines with oxygen to form an oxide
a) oxidation
b) weathering
c) abrasion
d) acid precipitation

The process by which rock materials are broken down by the action of physical or chemical processes
a) chemical weathering
b) abrasion
c) oxidation
d) weathering

Which of the following is a type of frost action?
a) abrasion
b) oxidation
c) ice wedging
d) gravity

Which of the following types of chemical weathering causes a karst
a) lichens
b) acid precipitation
c) acids in groundwater
d) water

How do lichens slowly break down a rock?
a) by abrasion
b) by mechanical weathering
c) by ice wedging
d) by chemical weathering

Which of these is most likely to experience oxidation?
a) tennis ball
b) aluminum can
c) wooden fence
d) bicycle tire

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