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Since Charlotte becomes part of the crew, the captain oly comes on deck when Charlotte is on watch?
a) true
b) false

Who was Jaggery's informant all along?
a) Zachariah
b) Barlow
c) Keetch
d) Johnson

What is Jaggery's main argument against Chalotte?
a) that she hated Hollybrass
b) that Hollybrass has her handkerchief in his hand
c) that she is unnatural
d) that she was trying to get back at Jaggery

Besides the knife, what is the other piece of evidence that Charlotte killed Hollybrass?
a) her fingerprints on the knife
b) Hollybrass was holding her handkerchief
c) Jaggery claims to have witnessed it
d) blood on Charlotte's clothes

When Charlotte tries to apologize to Jaggery, he
a) says he waill punish her for it
b) says her father will hear of this
c) calls her ugly and self-centered
d) none of the other answers

The crew were all armed when they attempted the mutiny?
a) true
b) false

What made Jaggery beat Zachariah even more furiously?
a) he was angry because of what Charlotte did to him
b) he was angry that Zachariah called him the worst captain ever
c) he was angry because Zachariah refused to apologize
d) he was angry because Charlotte begged for mercy for him

Zachariah's second gift to Charlotte's is?
a) clean gloves
b) a gun
c) a mirror
d) sailor's clothes

Jaggery asks Charlotte to spy on the men for him
a) true
b) false

What does Charlotte do with the knife she is given?
a) hides it under her mattress
b) throws it overboard
c) secretly puts it back
d) gives it back

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