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During her trial, why didn't Charlotte tell Jaggery that she thought Zachariah had committed the murder?
a) she wanted Zachariah to be able to attempt his plan for reporting Jaggery
b) she didn't think Jaggery would believe her
c) she promised Zachariah she wouldn't
d) she felt sorry for Zachariah

What was the prison that Charlotte referred to as her proper place?
a) the Barrington School for better girls
b) her previous lifestyle and attitude
c) her family
d) the cabin she used to stay in

Who was the leader of the attmpted mutiny?
a) Morgan
b) Zachariah
c) Cranick
d) Barlow

Why is seeing the red bird an ominous sign?
a) it means a hurricane is coming
b) blood birds are bad luck
c) it means they are way off course
d) it means that hte wind is dying and they will be stranded for a long while

When Charlotte returns to the Sehawk at the end of the novel, who is captain?
a) Keetch
b) Zachariah
c) Fisk
d) Charlotte

Why do the sailors have to go aloft during the hurricane?
a) because Jaggery is a jerk
b) to cause a distraction so Jaggery can kill Hollybrass
c) to cut away the sails
d) to see where clear weather is

As she is climbing the mast during the hurricane, what does Charlotte do?
a) cut off her hair
b) slips and almost falls off
c) drops the knife
d) all of the other choices

How did the crew help save Charlotte from drowning?
a) they didn't, she did it all by herself
b) they changed course so the water was calmer
c) Grimes grabbed and pulled her in
d) they threw her a rope and pulled her back

What warning did the crew give Charlotte on her way to tell the Captain about the round robin?
a) one of the men pretended to slit his throat
b) they told her they would throw her overboard
c) they said they would torture her
d) they threatened to put her name on the round robin

What is a round robin?
a) an agreement among the crew to overthrow the captain
b) a torture device for punishing the crew
c) another name for hardtack
d) a way of dividing up the chores on the ships

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