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Which of the following properties most determines water's vertical position in the ocean?
a) density
b) organic content
c) velocity
d) oxygen content

Organisms that drift with cean currents are called
a) nekton
b) plankton
c) benthos
d) photic

What term describes organisms that live on or in the ocean floor
a) benthos
b) pelagic
c) nekton
d) plankton

Nekton include all animals that
a) move independently of the currents
b) drift with the current
c) live at the ocean bottom
d) live in land and on water

What is true about the deepest part of the ocean floor
a) animal live in constant darkness
b) algae thrive
c) temperatures are moderately high
d) nekton are more common that benthos

The open ocean of any depth is the
a) pelagic zone
b) neritic zone
c) benthiczone
d) abysal zone

What factors influence a region's photosynthetic productivity?
a) nutrients and sunlight
b) sunlight and depth
c) temperature and density
d) salinity and sunlight

Which term best describes energy transfer between trophic levels
a) ineffecient
b) effecient
c) average
d) high

A food chain is the passage of energy
a) along a single path
b) among many interactive organisms
c) between herbivores only
d) between primary producers

Where would a primary producer be located in a food chain?
a) first step
b) last step
c) each step
d) middle step

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