Ts And S Practice Question Preview (ID: 16256)

Lisp Tx.

He is a great baseball player. He ____ the ball 95mph
a) places
b) walks
c) hits
d) runs

Daddy is home during the day and works ___
a) pizza
b) with santa
c) nights
d) house

Before he left for school, he gave his mom a ____ on the cheek
a) kiss
b) slap
c) kick
d) check

We have company for dinner get me 10....
a) slides
b) plates
c) shoes
d) maps

This is wrapped around fish for sushi
a) pizza
b) pasta
c) rice
d) cheese

Author _____ novels
a) paints
b) jumps
c) yells
d) writes

little rodents with long tails. A yummy snack for a snake
a) pizza
b) mice
c) crackers
d) fire

You have muddy feet! Use one of my _____
a) mats
b) sponges
c) jackets
d) sweaters

Catch of the day for this fisherman
a) bass
b) tub
c) sock
d) tart

black rodents that fly at night
a) mice
b) penguin
c) bats
d) rabbit

little bugs that live in your hair
a) mud
b) gel
c) lice
d) alligator

Something you turn on in a dark room
a) fan
b) lights
c) rug
d) bed

When my snake searches for food, he sticks out his tongue with a
a) burp
b) yell
c) hiss
d) apple

He won the race! Here is his trophy for first ____
a) stump
b) place
c) stack
d) stamp

I'm open! ____ the ball to me.
a) Pass
b) sit
c) call
d) jump

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