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phonics, The teacher taught phonics during reading class.
a) the connection between letters and sounds
b) the act of reading without stopping
c) the practice reading out loud to others in a group
d) the method of reading in which you reread material

a) process ofusing light to make food
b) process of growing taller
c) process of producing flowers
d) process of using roots to take in water

autograph, We stood in line to get the author's autograph.
a) signature
b) book
c) smile
d) picture

a) reviewers
b) fans
c) students
d) directors

symphony, The audience enjoyed the composer's new symphony.
a) music
b) conductor
c) musician
d) instrument

a) concentrate
b) practice
c) improve
d) remember

a) produced
b) burned
c) prepared
d) fanned

a) amusing
b) difficult
c) powerful
d) important

a) make something known to others
b) announce the sale of a business
c) offer free products to customers
d) invite the public to a free performance

telegraph, The soldier delivered the telegraph to the general.
a) message sent through cables
b) maps used for planning
c) treaty signed by tow people
d) orders carried out by an army

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