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comparing apples and oranges
a) comparing tow completely different things
b) comparing herself to others
c) comparing different types of fruit
d) comparing items that are the same

by the skin of her teeth
a) just barely
b) cheating
c) long distance
d) despite being injured

easy as pie
a) simple
b) difficult
c) patience
d) several steps

wracked her brain
a) thought hard
b) drew a picture
c) tapped her head
d) made a mental image

a) making a mental image
b) drawing a detailed map
c) writing directions on paper
d) discussing possible locations

a) stretched one's muscles
b) tried to avoid
c) stood one's ground
d) answered one's calling

a) leaping foward
b) taking away
c) settling down
d) waling around

a) step
b) brain
c) voice
d) dream

a) fearful
b) lazy
c) brave
d) jealous

with a lick and a promise
a) in a rush
b) never
c) said he would
d) thorough job

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