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In order to escape Prince Humperdinck, Westley and Buttercup had to go through:
a) The Fire Swamp
b) Guilder
c) The Cliffs of Insanity

Who was the Man in Black?
a) Westley
b) The Count
c) Prince Humperdinck

During the Battle of Wits, which goblet was poisoned?
a) neither one
b) only Vizzini's
c) both goblets

Who killed Domingo Montoya?
a) The Count
b) The Prince
c) Vizzini

Why did Buttercup proclaim that she would never love again?
a) she thought Westley was dead
b) she did not want to have children
c) Westley ran off with another woman

Whom did the man in black kill on the Cliffs of Insanity?
a) Vizzini
b) Inigo
c) Fezzik

William Goldman wanted to revise S. Morgenstern's work in order to:
a) Include only the best parts
b) Include more description of history and geography
c) Interject his own events

Buttercup and Westley promise to outlive each other in order to:
a) see who was superior
b) live eternally
c) keep their promise to Prince Humperdinck

Who actually plotted the kidnapping of Buttercup?
a) Fezzik
b) The Prince
c) Westley

Why did Buttercup agree to marry the Prince?
a) He promised her many children
b) He said she didn't have to love him
c) he promised to take her away from Florin

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