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Where is (new) rock formed?
a) Subduction Zone
b) Mid-Ocean Ridge (Sea floor spreading)
c) Transform Plate Boundary
d) What is a rock?

How does the energy from an Earthquake travel?
a) Seismic Waves
b) Sound Waves
c) Sonar
d) Light Waves

What is the source of energy for the Earth's convection currents?
a) The Sun
b) The Tides
c) The Earth's Interior (core and radioactivity)
d) What is a convection current?

What is the name of the landmass formed during the Paleozoic Era?
a) Lazarapuaus
b) Mesoparausus
c) Pangaea
d) North America

We determine how a rock is classified by how the rock ___________.
a) weathers
b) breaks down
c) smells
d) was formed

The stronger an earthquake - the _______________ the seismic waves will be felt away from the epicenter.
a) further
b) closer
c) what is an earthquake?
d) It won't travel through a solid

Glaciers can form U shaped valleys.
a) True
b) False

Oceanic plate crust is more dense and __________ than continental crust.
a) Older
b) Younger
c) the same

What is an aquifer?
a) Surface Water
b) water found in permeable rock layers
c) water found in impermeable rock layers

What is a kettle?
a) ridge made of sand
b) depression created by a glacier that fills with water
c) created the sand dunes

What is an esker?
a) a ridge of sand and grave formed by a glacier
b) a lake formed by a glacier
c) a large hill formed by a glacier

Where do most earthquakes happen?
a) in the middle of plates
b) at plate boundaries
c) in the USA

What causes the plates to move?
a) Waves
b) The core
c) Convection Currents

What causes a mid-ocean ridge?
a) Convergent plate
b) Divergent Plate - Sea Floor Spreading
c) Transform Plate

Where does chemical weathering happen faster?
a) Dry/Hot areas
b) Dry/Cold areas
c) Hot/Wet areas

Most rivers in Michigan flow into the___________.
a) Rouge river
b) Walled lake
c) Great Lakes

What type of Earthquake waves travel the fastest?
a) S waves
b) P waves
c) L waves

Because S waves cannot travel through liquids...and cannot travel through the outer core, we have concluded that the outer core most be_________.
a) A solid
b) A liquid

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