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What term describes the aspects of business, money, and trade?
a) culture
b) specialization
c) civilization
d) economy

What are characteristics of a civilization?
a) music, government, roads
b) religion, government, language
c) weapons, government, towers
d) religion, forests, language

How do we know that the time of Egyptian pyramid building was AFTER the Neolithic Revolution?
a) The Egyptians used limestone rock for the pyramids.
b) Hunter/gathering was the major source of food
c) Mummies were produced to preserve the dead.
d) The Egyptians had a farming culture.

How is culture defined?
a) a language used
b) a way of life
c) a religion that is followed
d) a city with many buildings

What is a major goal of embalming?
a) to remove fluid
b) to produce canopic jars
c) to remove the lungs
d) to pray to Osiris

King Tut was...
a) found in a pyramid
b) without a throne
c) found with a mask
d) found near the Rosetta Stone

Which group was the most respected?
a) Soldiers
b) Artisans
c) Scribes
d) Merchants

Who was the god of scribes?
a) Enki
b) Khepri
c) Thoth
d) Hathor

Who was the god of the Nile?
a) Sekhmet
b) Sobek
c) Seth
d) Thoth

Who was the god of the sun?
a) Ka
b) Ba
c) Ra
d) Ta

what is the first step of making a mummy?
a) remove brain
b) important person dies
c) wait 40 days
d) cover in natron (salt)

What is a mummy?
a) A famous person or animal.
b) Someone that may have a pet with a lot of money.
c) Nothing more than a dead body, human or animal.
d) A person with no money.

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