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Which of the following types of white blood cells is thought to play a role in the prevention of clotting?
a) Eosinophils
b) Monocytes
c) Basophils
d) Neutrophils

In which two organs are old or damaged RBCs destroyed?
a) pancreas and liver
b) pancreas and spleen
c) liver and spleen
d) bone marrow and spleen

A person with only antibody B in his or her plasma would be which blood type?
a) Type A
b) Type B
c) Type AB
d) Type O

The stem cells that make up RBCs are called hematopoitec cells.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following cell types are classified as agranulocytes?
a) Neutrophils and monocytes
b) Basophils and lymphocytes
c) Neutrophils and basophils
d) Lymphocytes and monocytes

In the formation of a clot, the insoluble network of fine threads in which the cellular elements of blood are trapped is called:
a) fibrinogen.
b) fibrin.
c) thrombin.
d) thromboplastin.

A patient who is troubled by intravascular coagulation (blood clots) might be treated with:
a) prothrombin.
b) heparin.
c) vitamin B.
d) albumins.

Which of the following Rh factor combinations could cause agglutination of an infants red blood cells?
a) Mother -, father +, infant +
b) Mother -, father +, infant -
c) Mother +, father -, infant +
d) Mother +, father +, infant -

Which of the following is not a leukocyte?
a) Basophil
b) Reticulocyte
c) Neutrophil
d) Monocyte

Type AB blood is considered the universal recipient because:
a) it does not contain the Rh antigen.
b) it does not contain either antibody A or antibody B.
c) both antigen A and antigen B are absent from the red blood cells.
d) it only has O antigens.

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