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These Questions Are Used For Review Of Various Information About Mesopotamia.

Which of the following was a river that meant life or death for the people of Mesopotamia?
a) Tigris
b) Nile
c) Indus
d) Huang

Which of the following was an empire that hoped to control Mesopotamia?
a) Assyria
b) Babylonia
c) All of them
d) Persia

What are stories called that explain the belief system of the Sumerians?
a) Legends
b) Epics
c) Myths
d) Testaments

What is a city that is also a separate and independent state?
a) Nation
b) Country
c) Empire
d) City-state

Which civilization was established in open land and developed good fighting skill?
a) Assyria
b) Babylonia
c) Sumer
d) Iran

Which code established a type of justice called - an eye for an eye?
a) Hammurabi's Code
b) Assyrian Code
c) Code of Sumer
d) Sargon's Code

What does the word Mesopotamia mean?
a) Home of empires
b) Land between rivers
c) Land of plenty
d) It is another word for Fertile Crescent

What were the markets of Babylonia called?
a) Bizzares
b) Bazaars
c) Caravans
d) All of them

Who were groups of travelers that traded and traveled to Babylon?
a) Assyrians
b) Chaldeans
c) Medes
d) Caravans

What is a system of writing that used wedges and symbols?
a) Phoenician
b) Cuneiform
c) Hieroglyphics
d) Notation

What is a code?
a) Social classes of a society
b) A type of language
c) A list of requests
d) An organized list of laws

What is a Ziggurat?
a) A temple of worship in Sumer
b) A leader of Babylonia who built a hanging gardens
c) A code of law to be followed
d) A type of school in Sumer

Where were the first schools?
a) Sumer
b) Egypt
c) Assyria
d) Persia

Who was the Babylonian king who united the kingdoms of Sumer and created law for them?
a) Sargon II
b) Nebachadnezzar
c) Hammurabi
d) King Tut

What did they have in the lands of Mesopotamia?
a) Fertile Land
b) Life-giving waters
c) City-states hoping to conquer
d) All of them

Which king built the hanging gardens for his wife?
a) Sargon II
b) Nebuchadnezzar
c) Hammurabi
d) King Tut

What is a belief in many gods?
a) Montheism
b) Polytheism
c) Multitheism
d) Zoroastrainism

What was a weapon that used a wooden beam on wheels to knock down walls?
a) Slingshot
b) Chariot
c) Catapult
d) Battering Ram

What keeps order and helps resolve conflict?
a) Laws
b) Dreams
c) Suggestions
d) Hopes

What is a group of city-states controlled by one government?
a) Kingdom
b) Empire
c) Protectorate
d) Country

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