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What is it called when the skin sloughs off of a gerbil's tail while handling?
a) Degloving
b) Denuding
c) Descaling
d) Debudding

An unusual behavior that may be noticed in approximately 20% of gerbils is:
a) high pitched squealing.
b) seizures.
c) hibernation.
d) circling.

What is another species of hamster besides the Syrian hamster?
a) Duncan-Hartley hamster
b) Mongolian hamster
c) Djungarian hamster
d) Long-Evans hamster

The most unusual anatomic feature of the hamster, which makes it a popular model for research, is their:
a) right kidney.
b) lack of a lobulated liver.
c) brain stem.
d) cheek pouch.

What is one difference between rat and mouse environmental enrichment?
a) Rats do not like to gnaw on chewable materials.
b) Rats do not like to be group housed.
c) Rats do not like to build large nests.
d) Rats do not like to use hiding places.

Which two mating systems are commonly used with rats?
a) Intermittent, monogamous
b) Monogamous, polygamous
c) Monogamous, hand mating
d) Polygamous, hand mating

What is the reddish material found in the tears and saliva of rat called?
a) Phenol
b) Polymyxin
c) Protoplasm
d) Porphyrin

The front teeth of rats grow throughout their lives and are called:
a) molars.
b) bicuspids.
c) incisors.
d) cuspids.

How long is the gestation period in non-lactating female mice?
a) 22-26 days
b) 19-21 days
c) 10-14 days
d) 16-18 days

How often should solid-bottom rodent cages and accessories be washed?
a) One to three times a week
b) Once a month
c) When odors are detectable
d) Every day

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