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Name the man whose assassination led to the end of Patronage
a) Chester A. Arthur
b) James Garfield
c) Benjamin Harrison
d) Grover Cleveland

The idea of donation large sums of money to charity is known as...
a) Social Gospel
b) Social Darwinism
c) Philanthropy
d) Economy of Scale

All of the following are advantages of Big Business EXCEPT
a) economy of scale
b) efficiency
c) automation
d) higher pay for workers

Which of these names does not fit?
a) Jesse James
b) Calamity Jane
c) Wyatt Earp
d) Nikola Tesla

All of the following were reasons for the end of the Open Range period EXCEPT
a) Extreme weather effects on cattle
b) Lack of water sources
c) Invention of barbed wire
d) resurgence of buffalo herds

All of the following were inventors of the late 19th century EXCEPT
a) Bell
b) Tesla
c) Edison
d) Hickok

The leader of the AFL Union was...
a) Eugene Debs
b) Samuel Gompers
c) Christopher Whitlock
d) Keith Richards

Name the historian whose Frontier Thesis described the effect of Westward settlement on Americans
a) Helen Hunt Jackson
b) Jacob Riis
c) Thomas Nast
d) Frederick Jackson Turner

Owning all businesses that RELATE to a primary business is called...
a) Vertical integration
b) Horizontal integration
c) A trust
d) A merger

Gaining control of the supply of a commodity is known as...
a) Trusts
b) Monopoly
c) Merger
d) Incorporating

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