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The Ghost Dance Movement led to the last battle of the Indian Wars. Name the battle.
a) Little Bighorn
b) Sand Creek Massacre
c) Wounded Knee
d) Fetterman's Massacre

Using political power for personal economic gain is called...
a) Limited Liability
b) Nepotism
c) Graft
d) Bi-Metallism

The Commodore, Cornelius Vanderbilt, made a fortune in...
a) Railroads
b) Steel mills
c) Coal Mining
d) Oil

Ellis Island was to the East Coast, as __________ Island was to the West Coast.
a) Long
b) Angel
c) Radial
d) Staten

This disaster raised public awareness of dangerous working conditions in sweatshops and factories
a) Triangle Fire
b) Lusitania Incident
c) Tweed Outbreak
d) Ellis Island Plague

The main issue of the election of 1896 was...
a) Patronage
b) Tariffs
c) Currency Reform
d) Immigration

This law established several agricultural colleges throughout the United States
a) Dawes Act
b) Morrill Act
c) Homestead Act
d) Turner Act

The Pendleton Act
a) Set high tariffs
b) favored the spoils system
c) created exams for government jobs
d) made trusts illegal

The Interstate Commerce Act was passed to regulate...
a) Railroads
b) Oil Companies
c) Steel Trusts
d) Farms

What group was specifically excluded from moving to the US by a law passed in 1882?
a) Irish
b) Chinese
c) Russian
d) Polish

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