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All of the businesses that make one type of good or provide one type of service are called an
a) cash crop
b) industry
c) abolition
d) agriculture

The southern states formed a new country called the
a) Constitution
b) Confederacy
c) Abolitionists
d) Union

Coal became an important industry with the development of
a) telephones
b) cannons
c) railroads
d) cash crops

Why were the Cherokee forced to move west in 1838
a) they couldn't grow crops
b) they could no longer hunt
c) white settlers wanted their land
d) other Native Americans took the land

A place where ships load and unload goods is called a
a) delta
b) source
c) river basin
d) port

The Mississippi is fed by many smaller rivers called
a) tributaries
b) mouths
c) deltas
d) basins

This event began the civil rights movement
a) the Montgomery bus boycott
b) the Emancipation Proclamation
c) Martin Luther King's death
d) the Trail of Tears

How is mining different today than in the early 1900's?
a) it is slower
b) it is more dangerous
c) we don't mine today
d) unions and technology have made it safer

Many tourists are drawn to the Southeast by its
a) large cities
b) warm climate
c) clean water
d) mountains

Which crop needs the longest growing season?
a) corn
b) potatoes
c) wheat
d) oranges

The _______of the river empties into a large body of water.
a) mouth
b) source
c) colony
d) Mr. Rock

A ____is a place that is ruled by a distant country.
a) colony
b) Trail of Tears
c) abolotion
d) cash crop

The ____is what the Cherokee called their journey from the Southeast to Arkansas
a) Coal
b) Source
c) Underground Railroad
d) Trail of Tears

Thomas Jefferson wrote this to explain why the 13 colonies should no longer be ruled by England
a) cash crop
b) mouth
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Constitution

MLK Jr was the leader of the
a) Colony
b) civil rights movement
c) labor union
d) Trail of Tears

This means to end slavery
a) abolish
b) colony
c) mouth
d) source

A crop that is grown to be sold for money
a) cash money
b) cash crop
c) cash plant
d) cash union

This mineral is used to make heat and electricity
a) oil
b) sand
c) coal
d) copper

The beginning of a river is called the
a) source
b) mouth
c) crop
d) coal

A group of people who push for better working conditions is called a
a) civil rights
b) labor union
c) abolition
d) colony

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