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The time of polticial corruption and greed in the late 19th century is called:
a) The Golden Age of Business
b) The Gilded Age
c) The Industrial Age
d) The Age of Robber Barons

All of the following were new immigrants of the late 1800's EXCEPT
a) Italians
b) Eastern Eur. Jews
c) Russians
d) Irish

Name the violent Chicago strike where a bomb was hurled at police:
a) RR Strike of 1877
b) Haymarket Square Riot
c) Pullman Riot
d) Rumble in the Jungle

This Robber Baron made his fortune in the oil business
a) James Duke
b) Cornelius Vanderbilt
c) JP Morgan
d) John Rockefeller

The Bessemer process is related to the production of:
a) Oil
b) Steel
c) Coal
d) Iron

This law granted settlers 160 Acre tracts of land in the West.
a) Dawes Act
b) Morrill Land Grant Act
c) Homestead Act
d) Haymarket Square Act

Name the cartoonist who exposed the Tweed Ring
a) Thomas Nast
b) Jacob Riis
c) Helen Hunt Jackson
d) Frederick Jackson Turner

The period of poltical and business corruption in the late 1800's was known as:
a) The Age of Business
b) The Gilded Age
c) Social Gospel
d) The Business Boom

He was the author of How the Other Half Lives...
a) Jacob Riis
b) Frederick Jackson Turner
c) Helen Hunt Jackson
d) Horatio Alger

The practice of using political office for personal gain is called...
a) Reform
b) Trimming
c) Graft
d) Mergers

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