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Unit 1 Lesson 3: Cell Structure And Function. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is a difference between eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells?
a) Only prokaryotic cells have cytoplasm.
b) Only eukaryotic cells have a cell membrane
c) Only prokaryotic cells have genetic material.
d) Only eukaryotic cell have membrane bound organelles.

What is the main function of chloroplasts in a plant cell?
a) They produce proteins.
b) They store water and food.
c) They perform photosynthesis.
d) The protect cells from the surrounding environment.

Under a high-powered microscope, Dan sees a cellular organelle. The organelle has a double membrane, and the inner membrane is folded. the organelle contains it own DNA. Which organelle does Dan see?
a) endoplasmic reticulum
b) Mitochondrion
c) nucleus
d) ribosome

In what way could two eukaryotic cells be different from each other?
a) One eukaryotic cell could have cytoplasm while the other does not.
b) One eukaryotic cell could have a cell membrane while another does not.
c) Two eukaryotic cells could differ in the number and types of organelles they contain.
d) Two eukaryotic cells could differ in the number and type of prokaryotes they contain.

Which of the following describes the cyoskeleton?
a) a web of proteins that gives shape and support to the cell
b) a membrane bound organelle that contains genetic material
c) the outer covering of a cell that separates it from the environment
d) the structure that contains the information about how to make a cell's proteins

In biology class, Zach observes cells. Each has a structure that separates the inside of the cell from the enviroment. Which structure is Zach observing
a) nucleus
b) cytoskeleton
c) cell membrane
d) genetic material

Which of the following describes the structure of the endoplasmic reticulum?
a) a system of folded membranes
b) a tiny organelle that has no membrane
c) a rigid, protective layer found outside the cell membrane
d) an organelle surrounded by a double membrane containing DNA

Which of the following structures surround cells?
a) cell wall and nucleus
b) cell membrane and cell wall
c) cytoplasm and cytoskeleton
d) cell membrane and cytoplasm

Which of the following correctly describes cellular respiration?
a) It takes place in the chloroplasts of most plant cells.
b) It happens only when cells need to produce more proteins.
c) It is the process that breaks down sugars to release energy.It is the process that breaks down sugars to release energy.
d) It happens in the cellular organelles that do not have a membrane.

Jorge looks through a microscope and concludes that the cells he observes are eukaryotic cells. Which of the following structures did Jorge most likely observe before his conclusion?
a) nucleus
b) cytoplasm
c) cell membrane
d) genetic material

What type of cell has membrane bound organelles?
a) eukaryotic cells
b) prokaryotic cells
c) both prokaryotic and eukaryotic
d) neither prokaryotic and eukaryotic

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