American History Midtern Review - Day 1 Question Preview (ID: 16228)

Midterm Review Questions 1 To 15. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

15. This slogan meant that colonists didn't want to pay taxes if they didn't get a say in government
a) a. Taxation without Representation
b) b. Navigation Acts of 1773
c) c. Boston Tea Party
d) d. Declaration of Independence

14. The Battles of Lexington and Concord became known as this?
a) a. The Treaty of Paris of 1783
b) b. Boston Massacre
c) c. The Shot Heard Round the World
d) d. Salutary Neglect

12. The Boston Tea Party took place in which of the following region:
a) middle
b) southern
c) Northern
d) Western

11. The original colonies were organized into which of the following three regions:
a) a. Northern, Middle and Southern
b) b. Northern, Eastern and Western
c) c. England, France and North America
d) d. Northern, Eastern and Southern

10. A compass helps explorers determine
a) Direction
b) Weight
c) Mass
d) Height

9. Who defeated the Aztecs and Incas that lived in South America?
a) France
b) England
c) Portugual
d) Spain

8. How did slaves get from Africa to the Americas?
a) a. Chained close together in the bottom of the ship
b) b. Chained to beds together on top of the boat
c) c. Freely walking around the ship but in large numbers
d) d. Groped by families staying in individual rooms

7. The Age of _______________________ began in the 1400s when Europeans came to the Americas to create colonies
a) a. Cultural Diffusion
b) b. Colonization
c) c. Exploration
d) d. Slavery

6. What type of food was brought from the Americas to Europe?
a) a. Cotton
b) b. Tomato
c) c. Tobacco
d) d. Potato

5. Which word means to travel to an unfamiliar area in order to learn more about the place?
a) a. Exploration
b) b. Colonization
c) c. Colonies
d) d. Continents

4. New technology that helped explorers included:
a) a. The caravel
b) b. The compass
c) c. The astrolabe
d) d. All of the above

3. Which country explored the Americas due to a need for religious freedom?
a) a. England
b) b. France
c) c. Portugal
d) d. Spain

Who was known as “The Navigator”?
a) Prince William
b) Prince Henry
c) Queen Isabella
d) Columbus

2. The Trade Triangle includes which of the following areas
a) a. Canada, America, Mexico
b) b. Africa, Canada, America
c) c. Europe, Asia, Canada
d) d. Europe, Americas, and Africa

16. Which of the following were the main crops of the southern colonies?
a) a. Barley, wheat and corn
b) b. Corn, cotton, wheat
c) c. Tobacco, rice and indigo
d) d. Bamboo, rice, peanuts

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