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which statement about primary sex characteristics is true
a) they develop during puberty
b) they are the same for males and females
c) they are directly involved in human reproduction
d) they include the formation of breasts and growth of the beard

a person is not said to have AIDS until
a) the T-cell count goes below a certain level
b) kaposi’s sarcoma develops
c) infected with HIV
d) the HIV bacteria count reaches a certain level

men tend to talk to each other in what style of talking
a) generalized
b) relate
c) soft touch
d) report

women tend to speak in a what kind of style
a) generalized
b) relate
c) soft touch
d) report

Androgyny is?
a) people who posses both and female genitals
b) people who do not limit themselves to the male or female stereotyped characteristics
c) people who are mentally unstable
d) people who are sexually attracted to the same sex

how many stages are there in the sexual response stage
a) 3
b) 2
c) 4
d) 1

what are sexually transmitted infections
a) a person’s sexual attraction to people of the opposite or same sex
b) acquired immune deficiency syndrome
c) paraphilias
d) infections spread through unprotected sexual contact

what are 3 things that help determine ones gender
a) biology, environment and culture
b) gender stereotyping
c) androgyny
d) primary sexual characteristics

cultural behavioral expectations for males or females
a) gender types
b) gender roles
c) gender identity
d) gender

the psychological aspects of identifying as a male or female
a) environmental influence
b) gender diffrence
c) gender
d) secondary sexual characteristics

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