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Some of my friends have an ____ for reading, but I love it. Maybe if they read something exciting, like Rudyard Kipling's works, they would develop a liking for books.
a) indigent
b) antipathy
c) antipodes
d) absolve

Kipling's stories and poems were published in India and became popular with travelers, some of whom brought them to England. When he returned to England in 1889, it must have seemed to Kipling that his fame was ____, become famous months before.
a) specious
b) nettle
c) retroactive
d) infringe

Kipling was born in India, where his father was the principal of an art school. The family was not ____. In fact, they had enough money to send Kipling to England for schooling when he was five.
a) indigent
b) ostensible
c) antipathy
d) nettle

Kipling was miserable in England becuase the couple with whom he lived neglected and mistreated him. His parents did not realize that the couple had ____ on the agreement to provide proper child care.
a) nettled
b) subjugated
c) absolved
d) infringed

Although the abusive situation ____ Kipling, he had to live with the irritation until he was twelve. At that time he was sent to United Services College, where he performed in plays and began writing poetry.
a) nettled
b) infringed
c) subjugated
d) absolved

Kipling was born in India but later lived in Vermont. Those poitns on the globe are in different hemispheres, but the are not true ____. They are far away, but not directly opposite from each other.
a) retroactive
b) antipodes
c) specious
d) indigent

In England, Kipling listened to music in pubs, barracks, rooms, and music halls. He thought many of th elyrics were ___; they sounded good on the surface but lacked meaning and truth. He wrote new lyrics for some of these songs in 1892.
a) ostensible
b) infringe
c) specious
d) retroactive

Kipling loved to travel and was never able to ____ his wanderlust, even after he married and supposedly submitted to a more settled life in Vermont.
a) subjugate
b) absolve
c) nettle
d) infringe

When he was seventeen, Kipling returned to India, ____ to edit a newspaper. In reality he spent much of his time writing stories for it.
a) antipodally
b) ostensibly
c) speciously
d) retroactively

I vowed that before I graduated from high school I would read all of Kipling's works. However, I did not realize how much he had written, so I have had to ____ myself from the promise and set a new and more realistic deadline.
a) infringe
b) antipathy
c) subjugate
d) absolve

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