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The first Sumerian writing dates to
a) 2000 BCE
b) 3000 BCE
c) 4000 BCE
d) 1000 BCE

The Standard Version of Gilgamesh in Babylonia and Assyria is called
a) Under the Deep
b) The live of Gilgamesh
c) He who saw the Deep
d) The Brave One

Anatomically modern humans began to appear in the archaeological record at
a) 80,000 years ago
b) 90,000 years ago
c) 50,000 years ago
d) 100,000 years ago

The Paleolithic era is also known as
a) New Stone
b) Old Stone
c) The Stone
d) Etched Stone

Earliest Paleolithic sites were in
a) Israel, Morocco and Spain
b) Spain, Cairo, Greece
c) Rome, Spain, Ionia

The first cities were built
a) 6,000 years ago
b) 3,000 years ago
c) 5,500 years ago
d) 5,000 years ago

The word history takes its origin from
a) The Greek writer Homer
b) The Greek writer Herodotus
c) The Greek writer Theogynis

The first civilization to develop writing
a) Mesopotamia
b) Minoan
c) Ionian
d) Spartan

Akkadian is
a) A Semitic Language
b) A form of Linear B
c) A form of Linear A

Documents were written in Sumerian only until
a) 2,200 BCE
b) 2,100 BCE
c) 2,300 BCE
d) 2,150 BCE

The largest Mesoptamian city in ca. 2300 BCE is
a) Athens
b) Uruk
c) Lesbos

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