Southwest Asia Map Test Question Preview (ID: 16182)


Turkey is above
a) Syria
b) Afghanistan
c) Russia
d) Israel

Bonus: How did I get out of Iraq?
a) Afghanistan
b) Syria
c) Israel
d) I ran.

Name one of the rivers in Iraq.
a) River
b) Euphrates
c) Arabian
d) Suez

Name the other...
a) Arab
b) Euphrates
c) Tigris
d) Jordan

Iraq and I___
a) Illionis
b) Ifghanistan
c) Iran
d) Turkey

Saudi Arabia is below...
a) Iran
b) Iraq
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Turkey

Gaza Strip and Jordan River is right by or in...
a) Israel
b) Afghanistan
c) China
d) Iraq

Which country borders Iraq?
a) Iraq
b) Irun
c) Turkey
d) Iran

Between the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf
a) Arabian Sea
b) Persian Gulf
c) Strait of Hormuz
d) Red Sea

What is to the left of the Jordan?
a) Gaza Strip
b) Afghanistan
c) Iraq
d) Turkey

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