Photosynthesis I Question Preview (ID: 1618)

Questions Related To Photosynthesis. Not An In-depth Test Of The Processes Of Light-dependent Reactions And Calvin Cycle.

What are the reactants in the overall equation for photosynthesis?
a) water; oxygen; sugar
b) oxygen; light; carbon dioxide
c) water; light; carbon dioxide
d) oxygen; glucose; carbon monoxide

What are the products in the overall equation for photosynthesis?
a) oxygen; carbon dioxide
b) sugars; oxygen
c) sugars; carbon dioxide
d) light; sugars

Where in the chloroplast does the Calvin Cycle take place?
a) stroma
b) thylakoid membrane
c) lumen
d) outer membrane

The light-dependent reaction takes place in the _____ of the chloroplast.
a) stroma
b) thylakoid membrane
c) lumen
d) outer membrane

Van Helmont believed that the mass of a plant comes from water, but it actually comes from ____.
a) soil
b) carbon dioxide
c) oxygen
d) helium

The experiment done by Priestley was important because it showed that plants give off a product. Further experiments have shown that this product is ______.
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) helium
d) hydrogen

Ingenhousz showed that the results of the experiment of Priestley only occurred when the plant was exposed to_______.
a) light
b) heat
c) helium
d) oxygen

Chlorophyll reflects _______ wavelengths of light.
a) red
b) green
c) blue
d) violet

The wavelengths that Chlorophyll absorbs best are from these two areas of the visible light spectrum.
a) red and blue-violet
b) yellow and green
c) orange and violet
d) yellow and orange

ATP and NADPH are products of the _______ and reactants of the _________.
a) Calvin Cycle; light-independent reactions
b) light-dependent reactions; Calvin Cycle
c) Calvin Cycle; light-dependent reactions
d) light-independent reactions; light-dependent reactions

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