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Human Performance Test 1.

What muscle does the Shoulder Press work?
a) Deltoids
b) Pectorals
c) Trapezius
d) Biceps

What muscles does the Leg Press work?
a) Latissimus Dorsi
b) Hamstrings
c) Quadriceps
d) Hamstrings and Quadriceps

Which machine works your Pectoral muscles?
a) Shoulder Press
b) Chest Press
c) Lat Pulldown
d) Pushdowns

Which machine works your Trapezius?
a) Seated Row
b) Bicep Curls
c) Leg Extension
d) Shoulder Press

What muscle does the Lat Pulldown work?
a) Triceps
b) Pectorals
c) Latissimus Dorsi
d) Quadriceps

Which exercise works the Calves?
a) Leg Press
b) Standing Calf Extensions
c) Leg Extension
d) Leg Curls

What muscle does the Leg Extension work?
a) Quadriceps
b) Hamstrings
c) Calves
d) Biceps

What muscle does the Leg Curl work?
a) Quadriceps
b) Hamstrings
c) Triceps
d) Latissimus Dorsi

Which machine works the Triceps?
a) Lat Pulldown
b) Arm Curls
c) Shoulder Press
d) Pushdowns

What muscle does the Bench Press work?
a) Latissimus Dorsi
b) Triceps
c) Pectorals
d) Quadriceps

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