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Nathan is measuring a small amount of liquid. What tool is he using?
a) graduated cylinder
b) beaker
c) balance
d) thermometer

Data means -
a) a summary of what you learned from an experiment
b) breaking down or studying data
c) information collected during the experiment
d) the part of the scientific method where the hypothesis is tested

Hunter is testing his hypothesis of which watermelon plant will grow the biggest. What part of the scientific method is he in?
a) hypothesis
b) conclusion
c) analysis
d) experiment

All of the following are qualitative observations except -
a) Lesaveon's jacket is blue.
b) The library is full of books.
c) Mrs. Libby has two children.
d) The smell of the fried chicken was delicious!

Jaden was out of school yesterday. Which of the following is not a logical inference?
a) His family went on vacation.
b) He had a dentist appointment to go to.
c) He had the flu or a cold.
d) He didn't want to go to school because he was on his way to planet Mars.

Jeremy Wheeler, WAVY 10 station's meterologist, forecasted today's hight temperature to be 85 degrees. What scientific tool did he use to make that forecast?
a) meter stick
b) graduated cylinder
c) thermometer
d) balance

It took Chris 55 seconds to sort his words. This time was measured with a(n) -
a) stopwatch
b) beaker
c) ruler
d) balance

Which of the following is a buzz word for a quantitative observation?
a) observing
b) hearing
c) smelling
d) numbers

Boaz summarized his experiment in one paragraph explaining that his hypothesis was correct, what happened in his experiment, and new questions he had. What part of the scientific method is he in?
a) observation
b) conclusion
c) hypothesis
d) analysis

An inference is -
a) a summary of what you learned from the experiment and usually states if your hypothese was true or false
b) what you see, hear, feel, taste, or smell
c) breaking down or studying data
d) a logical explanation that helps make sense of what you observed

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