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What is the official term for downloading music illegally?
a) piracy
b) long john silvers
c) captain phillips
d) ripping

this law was established in 1976 to protect author's original work
a) copyright act
b) digital millenium act
c) no electronic theft act

the copyright act of 1976 also protect architecture, poetry, and choreography
a) true
b) false

Corbin would have to have the government sue Savannah if she distributed his songs without permission
a) false
b) true

How much money did the lady in Minnesota have to pay for distributing music illegally on Kazaa?
a) 220,000
b) 4,500
c) 1 million
d) 55,000

Which company did Apple sue over copyright issues?
a) Samsung
b) Sony
c) Microsoft
d) Phillips

Which of the following acts gave copyright holders the right to sue those who distribute their music illegally?
a) No Electronic Theft Act
b) Digital Millenium Act
c) Copyright Act

It is illegal to rip music from your cds to put on your mP3 player
a) false
b) true

this act says you can't copy copyrighted music
a) digital millenium act
b) copyright act
c) no electronic theft act

which one of the exceptions states that copyrighted music can be downloaded for educational and news reporting purposes?
a) fair use
b) prohibition
c) public domain
d) personal use

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