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Bringing East and West Germany together under one government is called
a) neutrality
b) reunification
c) agriculture
d) Romansch

Refusing to take sides in disagreements or wars between countries is called
a) neutrality
b) reunification
c) genocide
d) urban

An area in western Germany called the Ruhr is one of Europe's most important
a) banking centers
b) population centers
c) industrial centers
d) agricultural centers

Switzerland's four national languages are Romansch, German, Italian, and
a) Swiss
b) Spanish
c) English
d) French

A state in southern Germany where the Alps rise and popular with skiiers is
a) the Ruhr valley
b) Bavaria
c) the Black Forest
d) Liechtenstein

This high place in Switzerland where rivers flow in different directions is Europe's
a) river district
b) Pyrenees
c) plateau
d) continental divide

The countries which are the Benelux countries are
a) Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
b) Belgium, Netherlands, Liechtenstein
c) France, Germany, Switzerland
d) Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein

The tiny country which is only 60 square miles and sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland is
a) Luxembourg
b) Liechtenstein
c) France
d) Belgium

Austria's mountains provide hydroelectric power and
a) beef cattle
b) chocolate
c) timber
d) Belgian lace

Germany's capital is
a) Paris
b) Brussels
c) Amsterdam
d) Berlin

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