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Breaking down or studying data is called what?
a) analysis
b) data
c) observation
d) conclusion

A beaker is best used to measure -
a) smaller lengths
b) volume
c) larger lengths
d) mass

Dominic saw his book on the floor. This is an example of a(n) -
a) inference
b) observation
c) conclusion
d) data

Mass is measured with what scientific tool?
a) beaker
b) graduated cylinder
c) ruler
d) balance

Bar and line graphs are used to -
a) confuse scientists
b) organize information to make it easy to read
c) make a prediction about an experiment
d) create a conclusion

A conclusion is -
a) studying or breaking down data
b) a temporary explanation
c) a summary of an experiment and states if a hypothesis was right or wrong
d) uses the five senses

Sonny experimented with which liquid dissolves Skittles color the fastest. She records how long it takes for each type of liquid to dissolve the candy color. What kind of observation is she making?
a) quantitative observation
b) data analysis
c) qualitative observation
d) inference

Which of the following tools would be best to measure how tall a blade of grass grows?
a) beaker
b) meter stick
c) ruler
d) stopwatch

When a scientist makes a temporary explanation based on their observations, they are making a(n) -
a) conclusion
b) observation
c) experiment
d) inference

A. Buy tomato plant seeds B. Take final measurements of tomato growth C. Water each plant with 1 cup of water D. Record observations of plant growth E. Place each tomato plant in different amounts of light - Put the steps in the right order.
a) A, E, B, C, D
b) A, E, D, C, B
c) B, A, E, D, C
d) E, A, D, C, B

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