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What part of the plant attracts pollinators?
a) stamen
b) pistil
c) petals
d) egg

The male reproductive part of the flower.
a) Style
b) Pistil
c) Petal
d) Stamen

The female reproductive part of the flower.
a) Stamen
b) Pollen
c) Pistil
d) Petals

The protective covering of the flower before it opens
a) Petal
b) Sepal
c) Anther
d) Stamen

This occurs when pollen grains are transferred from the stamen to the pistil
a) Pollination
b) Germination
c) Photosynthesis
d) Osmosis

This occurs when the the stamen fuses with the egg cell to become a seed.
a) Photosynthesis
b) Fertilization
c) Germination
d) Pollination

The part of the flower where seed develop.
a) Ovary
b) Pistil
c) Stamen
d) Petal

This occurs when pollen grains from the flowers of one plant transfer to the pistil of another plant.
a) Pollination
b) Cross-pollination
c) Germination
d) Fertilization

A flower that contains both stamen and pistil is known as a
a) Pretty flower
b) Perfect flower
c) Imperfect flower
d) Unusual

When two different variety of plants are cross-pollinated this is called.
a) Fertilization
b) Germination
c) Hybrid
d) Photosynthesis

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