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DNA carries what:
a) The genetic code that makes up all organisms
b) The chromosomes to the mitochondria
c) Messages to the brain
d) Nerve Cells

Chromosomes are made up of:
a) Long strands of DNA
b) The cells in the body
c) Restriction Enzymes
d) Argose Gel

The structure of DNA is:
a) A double helix
b) A triangle
c) A circle
d) A hexagon

The nitrogen base Cytosine (C) is paired with:
a) Guanine (G)
b) Thymine (T)
c) Uracil (U)
d) Adenine (A)

The nitrogen base Adenine (A) is paired with:
a) Thymine (T)
b) Uracil (U)
c) Guanine (G)
d) Cytosine (C)

The nitrogen bases are:
a) A, T, C, G
b) G, T, P, O
c) G, C, R, S
d) Y, C, X, G

XY Chromosomes
a) Male
b) Female

XX Chromosomes
a) Female
b) Male

The backbone of DNA is made up of:
a) Alternating (dioxyribose) sugars and phosphates
b) The nitrogen bases
c) All sugars
d) All phosphates

A karyotype is:
a) A picture of chromosomes in a cell
b) A picture of the DNA from your father
c) A picture of your nerves
d) A picture of a cell

All humans have how many pairs of chromosomes?
a) 23
b) 46
c) 34
d) 45

All humans have how many total chromosomes?
a) 46
b) 24
c) 23
d) 67

How many chromosomes do you inherit from your parents?
a) 23 from mom. 23 from dad
b) 46 from mom. 46 from dad
c) 35 from mom and 35 from dad
d) 32 from mom and 32 from dad

What are autosomes?
a) Non-sex chromosomes
b) Sex-Chromosomes
c) A genetic disorder
d) Somewhere you buy car parts

What can the sex chromosome pair tell you?
a) If it is male or female
b) if they shop at the mall
c) if they have a dog
d) if they have DNA

What can DNA fingerprinting be used for?
a) To match DNA on a crime scene
b) To call your home
c) To tell if you have a genetic disorder
d) To tell where you go to school

How many pairs of autosomes are there in a karyotype?
a) 22 pairs
b) 23 pairs
c) 46 pairs
d) 21 pairs

Do females have a y chromosome?
a) No
b) Yes
c) Maybe

What would a person with XXY chromosomes have?
a) A genetic disorder
b) Missing a chromosome
c) 15 extra chromosomes
d) 5 extra chromo

What type of grade will you get on the Genetics test
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

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