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The exchange of oxygen from the lungs occurs between capillaries and ___________________.
a) alveoli
b) brain
c) trachea
d) epiglottis

Which gas is used by cells to release energy from glucose?
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) nitrogen
d) none of the answers are true

Why does our heart pump to our lungs?
a) To get oxygen and drop off carbon dioxide
b) To get carbon dioxide and drop off oxygen
c) To get carbon dioxide and oxygen
d) To get oxygen and carbon dioxide into our lungs

Which of the following is TRUE?
a) Cellular respiration uses oxygen and sugar to make energy.
b) Cellular respiraiton uses carbon dioxide and sugar to make energy.
c) Cellular respiraiton uses energy to make sugar and oxygen.
d) Cellular respiration uses oxygen and carbon dioxide to make energy.

How does inhaling occur?
a) Diaphragm contracts and moves down.
b) Diaphragm relaxes and moves down.
c) Lung muscle flex outward.
d) Air gets forced into your lungs through air pressure.

The ______________________ system and the _________________________ system work together to get oxygen to the cells around your body and remove carbon dioxide from the cells.
a) circulatory; respiratory
b) circulatory; lymphatic
c) respiratory; digestive
d) endocrine; respiratory

What is the main function of the urinary system?
a) cleans the blood
b) pumps the blood
c) returns leaked fluids to the blood
d) fights infection

Which of the following contains enzymes that BEGIN chemical digestion/
a) saliva
b) bile
c) chyme
d) urea

The esophagus moves food from the ____________ to the ____________.
a) pharynx; stomach
b) pharynx; trachea
c) mouth; liver
d) mouth; pharynx

Which organ in the digestive system takes out water to create solid waste?
a) large intestines
b) small intestines
c) stomach
d) esophagus

Which of the following is NOT in the digestive tract?
a) liver
b) stomach
c) esophagus
d) large intestine

Which organ absorbs most of the nutrients in your digestive system?
a) small intestines
b) stomach
c) pancreas
d) gall bladder

How many chambers are in the heart?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 9
d) 1

Which of the statements below is TRUE about the circulatory system?
a) The heart pumps oxygenated blood throughout the body.
b) Veins carry de-oxygenated blood only.
c) Arteries take blood back to the heart.
d) Oxygenated blood leaves the heart and travels to the lungs.

The kidneys and bladder are part of the urinary system, or the ___________ system.
a) excretory
b) integumentary
c) endocrine
d) muscular

The heart ______________________.
a) pumps blood.
b) digests food.
c) fights diseases.
d) creates energy.

Which of the following are the main parts of the cardiovascular system?
a) heart, arteries, capillaries, veins
b) nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, lungs
c) mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestines, large intestines, rectum
d) lymph nodes, lymph, thymus, spleen, tonsils

What gas is exhaled in the process of breathing?
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) nitrogen
d) None of the answers are true.

The heart is ____________________________.
a) an organ
b) a cell
c) a tissue
d) an organ system

Which of the following gives the PRODUCTS of cellular respiration?
a) Carbon dioxide, water, and ATP (energy)
b) Oxygen and glucose
c) oxygen and carbon dioxide
d) Oxygen and ATP (energy)

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