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General Zaroff first comes to his island after
a) swimming to it when his ship sank
b) being stranded on it by his crew
c) buying it in order to build his chateau there
d) inheriting it from his father

Rainsford comes to the island because he
a) swims to it after accidentally falling overboard
b) wishes to write an article about Zaroff
c) wants to prove that Zaroff can't successfully hunt him
d) wants to bring the evil Zaroff to justice

What is Zaroff's main reason forpreferring to hunt human beings rather than animals
a) There is no other big game on his island
b) He doesn't like to kill innocent creatures
c) He hates humanity and wants to take revenge against it
d) Hunting men is more of a challenge than hunting beasts

Zaroff especially welcomes Rainsford because the general-
a) is glad to meet another expert hunter
b) wants news about the outside world
c) has no other humans to hunt
d) wishes to share his secret with the world

Rainsford first realizes he is going to be the prey when-
a) he sees the blood and an empty cartridge in the bush
b) Zaroff claims to hunt game that is more dangerous than Cape Buffalo
c) Zaroff claims to have inveted a new game to hunt
d) Zaroff tells him to join the hunt or become Ivan's sport

The best evidence that Zaroff is aware of his own viciousness and cruelty is that he-
a) makes fun of Rainsford for being afraid
b) explains how he obtains the men to hunt
c) says that all Cossacks are savage and that he, Zaroff, is a savage
d) claims that it is not murder to kill sailors because they are savage

Which of the following statements best describes how Zaroff justifies his hunting of human beings
a) Animal life is more precious than human life
b) Only the strong deserve to survive
c) Individual freedom is more important than laws
d) Human beings are not morally responsible for one another

Who is dead by the end of the story
a) Rainsford
b) Rainsford and Zaroff
c) Rainsford, Ivan, and two of the captive sailors
d) Zaroff, Ivan and one of Zaroff's best dogs

Rainsford finally gets the best of Zaroff when Rainsford-
a) swims to Zaroff's chateau and surprises him
b) kills Ivan, leaving Zaroff defenseless
c) catches Zaroff in a tiger trap made from a bent sapling
d) signals to a passing boat that helps him escape

The main conflict in this story is between
a) two different opinions of what the most dangerous animal is
b) a human being and a human evil
c) a person and the doubts abd fears within himself
d) a human being and the forces of nature

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