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How old was Charley when he joined the war?
a) 18
b) 17
c) 16
d) 15

What did the sutler sell?
a) weapons
b) pies and cakes
c) paper
d) coffee

Who was the soldier who asked Charley to take off his sock?
a) Massey
b) Lee
c) Nelson
d) Harrison

What kind of wounds could not be fixed by the surgeons?
a) arm wounds
b) head wounds
c) leg wounds
d) belly wounds

What did Charley get in exchange for coffee from the Rebel soldier?
a) bullets
b) tobacco
c) peaches
d) oats

What animal didn't Charley want to kill to get meat for the sick soldiers?
a) horses
b) pigs
c) chickens
d) buls

What was the name Charley's unit?
a) Michigan Volunteers
b) Missouri Volunteers
c) Minnesota Volunteers
d) New York Brigade

What did it mean if a man had soldier's heart?
a) He was happy and free
b) He had died of a heart wound
c) He did not want to leave the army
d) His mind was sickened by the war

Who is the author of Soldier's Heart?
a) Steve Lee
b) J.K. Rowlings
c) Gary Paulsen
d) Abraham Lincoln

True or False - Charley died during the Battle of Gettysburg.
a) True
b) False

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