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What were large farms that had many workers?
a) Missions
b) Presidios
c) Plantations
d) All of them

Which country backed Columbus on his journeys?
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) Portugal
d) England

What was the name of the Vikings settlement?
a) Vinland
b) Great Britain
c) Cuba
d) Nova Scotia

What was a potential waterway that went through North America?
a) Suez Canal
b) Northwest Passage
c) Hudson River
d) Straits of Magellan

Who was the Spanish explorer that sailed west to reach the Pacific Ocean?
a) Cortes
b) de Leon
c) Balboa
d) Pizzaro

Who were the first Europeans to rich the lands of North America?
a) The Vikings
b) The Spanish
c) The Italians
d) The Portuguese

Who was the top of the Spanish social class system?
a) Native Americans
b) Peninsulares
c) Mestizos
d) Mulattoes

What is one reason that the Spanish defeated the Native Americans?
a) Horses
b) All of them
c) Guns
d) Civil War

Whose defeat paved the way for more European exploration of the Americas?
a) The Spanish Armada
b) The King of England
c) The conquering of the Aztecs
d) Pizzaro's conquest

What was the name of the Spanish religious settlements?
a) Plantations
b) Missions
c) Presidios
d) Frontiers

What is an agreement between two parties that benefits them both?
a) Armistice
b) Compact
c) Mercantilism
d) Alliance

Who was at the bottom of the Spanish social class system?
a) Missionaries
b) Native Americans and Slaves
c) Peninsulares
d) Mestizos

Who were called runners of the woods?
a) Missions
b) Mestizos
c) Coureurs de Bois
d) Fur Trappers

What is a narrow passage of water that connects two larger bodies of water?
a) Peninsula
b) Isthmus
c) Strait
d) Archipelago

What means to sail around the world?
a) Circumnavigate
b) Circumference
c) Compass
d) Revolution

Who were the Spanish conquerers?
a) Mestizos
b) Conquistadors
c) Presidios
d) Explorers

Who was the French Explorer who made voyages on the St. Lawrence River?
a) Champlain
b) Marquette
c) Joliet
d) Hudson

Who explored the Mississippi River?
a) Marquette
b) Joliet
c) Both of them
d) None of them

What refers to the exchange of goods, ideas, and diseases between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres?
a) Columbian Exchange
b) The Reformation
c) The Global Connection
d) The Renaissance

What was the religious conflict that created competition for colonies in North America?
a) The Reformation
b) The Renaissance
c) The Scientific Revolution
d) The Great Awakening

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