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Two main cultural and language groups of Benelux between which tensions exist are
a) French and Dutch
b) Flemings and Walloons
c) Germans and Polders
d) Nationalists and Loyalists

80% of France's energy comes from
a) hydroelectric power
b) coal and petroleum products
c) natural gas
d) nuclear power

The drained lands of the Netherlands which provide rich farming soil are called
a) dikes
b) polders
c) moors
d) fleming

The government of all three Benelux countries is
a) communist and socialist
b) democratic republic
c) dictatorship
d) parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy

The government of France is
a) The Fifth Republic
b) parliamentary democracy
c) socialist democracy
d) The First Republic

The people of France and the Benelux countries mostly live in areas that are
a) rural
b) farms
c) urban
d) mountains

The Benelux countries are
a) Belgium, Netherlands, and France
b) Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg
c) Belgium, Netherlands, and Liechtenstein
d) Germany, France, and Italy

The people of the Netherlands are called
a) the Danes
b) the Nethers
c) the Luxembourgers
d) the Dutch

One of the world's most famous art museums is in Paris, France, and is called
a) the Eiffel Tower
b) the Louvre
c) Notre Dame
d) the Loire

France is the world's second-largest exporter of
a) food
b) raw materials
c) fish
d) manufactured goods

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