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The Revolutionary War occured in which era?
a) colonial
b) reconstruction
c) civil war
d) revolutionary

Who published Poor Richard's Almanac?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Amber Foster

All of the following were significant ethnic individuals in the American Revolution except
a) James Armistead
b) Wentworth Cheswell
c) Bernardo de Galvez
d) James Madison

Which of these events happened last?
a) Boston Tea Party
b) Intolerable Acts
c) Townsend Acts
d) Stamp Act

Who was a spy for the colonial army that posed as a servant at British headquarters?
a) James Armistead
b) Marquis de Lafayette
c) George Washtington
d) James Bond

Supplies of raw materials and the market for goods is an example of
a) free enterprise
b) westward expansion
c) mercantilism
d) salutary neglect

Which of the following British actions did the colonists consider taxation without representation?
a) Stamp Act
b) Quartering Act
c) Intolerable Acts
d) policy of Mercantilism

The Treaty of Paris gave the U.S. all of the following EXCEPT
a) recognition of independence from Britain
b) northern boundaries to Canada
c) western boundaries to the Mississippi river
d) closure of all British forts in the west

Who said the famous quote Give Me Liberty or Give me Death?
a) George Washington
b) John Adams
c) Patrick Henry
d) Thomas Jefferson

Who helped negotiate the alliance with France during the Revolutionary War?
a) Thomas Paine
b) John Adams
c) George W. Bush
d) Benjamin Franklin

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