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Which group tried to invade China, Japan, and India?
a) The Moors
b) The Vikings
c) The Mongals
d) All of them

Which of the following was a way that China improved its farming techniques?
a) New strains of rice
b) Better irrigation
c) Specialization for various jobs
d) All of them

Who was a Mughal leader that encouraged arts and peace amongst religions?
a) Ghengis Kahn
b) Akbar the Great
c) Tang Taizong
d) Yozei

Which of the following would be a good them for studying Indian history?
a) Isolation
b) Invasion
c) Dynasty
d) Democracy

What is the main religion of India?
a) Hinduism
b) Buddhism
c) Islam
d) Christianity

Which of the following would be a good theme for studying Chinese history?
a) Dynasty
b) Monarchy
c) Invasion
d) Isolation

What is the main religion of Japan?
a) Christianity
b) Buddhism
c) Islam
d) Judaism

What was the Taj Mahal?
a) A great capital built by the Mughal Empire
b) A great fort that protected India from Mongols
c) A tomb for an emperor's wife
d) Timur's palace

Who was the great leader of the Tang Dynasty?
a) Confucius
b) Sargon II
c) Mansa Musa
d) Tang Taizong

How would you describe the teachings of Confucius?
a) Warlike
b) Confrantational
c) Peaceful
d) All of them

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